What is a HUB?

A hub is also known as a Mountain of Influence. In broader terms, it refers to an area of Passion, Interest or calling where people function. Currently there are 7 of them, and TEC has adapted them for the New operation of the Small Groups. For TEC they are; Faith Systems, Family, Education, Government and Politics, Arts and Media, Business and Career, and Sports and Health.

What will happen to the 5-purpose structure?

The 5 Purpose structure will remain as they are. Their responsibility will be to resource the Connect Groups under the Hubs to fulfill the 5 purposes. That means we will still drive the fulfilment of the 5 purpose activities through the Small Groups, howbeit under a Hub.

What is the reporting structure of the units under the 5-purpose structure?

The Unit leader becomes the Cluster Group leader, who now reports to the cluster Captain, and the Cluster Captain reports to the Hub Champion, the Hub Chanpions reports to the Expression Small Group Coordinator and on and on.

Will the unit still report to the Purpose Head and System coordinator or the Hub Champion and Cluster Captains?

To the Hub Champions and Clusters, since the Purpose heads and System coordinators are now Hub Champions and Cluster captains.

Can I belong to a unit and to another group?

Your Unit is already a group. So you can belong to 2 groups if you have enough time in your hands to actively engage. However, you can’t lead 2 groups, all you can do is lead one, and be part of activities in other groups that catches your fancy or interest.

Can I belong to more than 1 group?

Yes, you can. However, you don’t necessarily need to register with another group before you enjoy or be part the group’s activities or program. That means you can benefit from another groups program without being part of the planning, in other words you have your primary group where you are registered, but in the other group you are a visitor/guest as the case maybe.

What will happen to the current geography-based groups?

The Current geography based small groups will register under a Particular Hub, and they continue to do life together under in the group. If there is anyone who feels different about the overall groups interest or Hub , such a member can decide to join another group that speaks to his/her interest.

What will happen to the current leaders of the geography-based groups?

They become leaders of the same group under a Hub. If they feel they want to lead another group of interest, they assign or appoint a leader to take over from them before they move on.

What is the process for appointing Hub champions?

Hub Champions are appointed from the pool of Ministers, namely; Zonal Pastors, and Purpose Heads.

How do we recruit new leaders?

We announce for people who want to start a small group to indicate, especially if they have fulfilled the necessary criteria which are;
- Completion of Membership Class
- At least have attended 200 level class in TECi.
- Already a Member of a Small Group.
- Trained or ready to be trained as a Small Group Leader at TEC.

Can I start or create a new group?

Yes of course that is one of the essence of the whole transition, you can start a new group that speaks to your passion, interest or calling/ministry. All you need are:
- Identify which of the hubs the group will operate under
- Ensure you have fulfilled all the requirement to lead a connect group
- Register the group under the Hub through the Group registration portal
- Await approval from Cluster Captain and Hub Champion- You will get a notification by e-mail for this.
- Once approved, your group is created, you are good to go.

How about the Curriculum, how do we ensure we don’t focus so much at the Hub operations/activities at the detriment of spiritual maturity?

- Every Group Leader during the meetings, irrespective of the Hub they belong to or the interest brought the group members together, must ensure they observe the ESPN activities in all their meetings. That is ;
- 1, Encourage. 2, Spiritual Nourishment. 3, Pray. 4, Next Steps.
- In addition there is a pool of curriculum that each group leader will have access to, which will be used for Spiritual nourishment through the Semester.
- In addition a typical meeting schedule will be provided for all leaders to use in running the meetings and time will be allotted to all stated above.

What schedule are we running for the new small group operations, and how long will this schedule be?

- We will be running the semester schedule. That means 3 semesters in the year and each semester will span between 10-13 weeks.
- The full semester schedule will be made available at the registration portals.

Are there any restrictions to membership of any group?

- There are no restrictions to joining any group of choice or interest.
- Members of The Elevation Church and Non-members are all eligible to join the group of their choice.

How many Connect Groups should be under a Cluster Captain, and is there a limit to the number of Clusters under a Hub?

- It is recommended that the number of Connect Groups under a Cluster captain should not be more than 10 at any given time, and same for the Hub Champions.
- While a Connect Group should not have more than 30 people in a group for now.

Is it possible to edit the details of a group after creating it?

- For now, group cannot be edited by the leader, however an upgrade of the portal is ongoing once completed the edit function will be available. Route your correction through your cluster captain.

Are we to register again? trying to log in but it says I am not registered on this platform?

- You are required to register once on the portal (connectgroup.elevationng.org).

Do both leaders and connect group members have a login account? or is it just the leaders?

Everyone has a login account to the portal. If you don’t or have forgotten, use the “forgot password” feature to reset and login again.

Should cluster leaders also register to join their cluster?

Cluster Captains are not required to register to join their cluster once the system upgrade is completed each cluster captain will automatically be able to access their cluster information.

Assuming cluster captain can not find a leader for a CG. And opens and Holds forte until he gets a likely fit in. How can he reassign the CG to this new leader?

This request will be directed to the IT team for now, once the portal is upgraded it will be a function that will be possible by the portal admin.

Do I have to be savvy in the cluster I am leading. For instance, if I indicated interest to serve in education cluster do I have to be very knowledgeable in education to be able to do this?

You do not have to be a professional, however we encourage that it should be your area of passion and you should seek to learn and know about the group, as you will be required to provide leadership and engage with connect group leaders under your supervision.

Must we have fun activities every week?

It is not a must, however fun is required to create bonding which will increase participation, so it should be taken seriously.

Question: In a situation where all my old CG members have different hubs of interest, what happens next?

You are required to guide them into joining a group under their hub of interest and ensure they are settled.

Can we allow people register to join the CG via Telephone alone and send code as SMS.

- This process has not been established but it will be considered.

How can a CG leader delegate reporting task to another member?

Look for a member who you believe have the capacity and empower the person by training the person on what is required. Pease follow up for the first few weeks to ensure the person is submitting the report as at when due.

In all these registration process and reporting, what is the role of the cluster captains?

Once the portal upgrade is completed, the cluster captain has the role of group authorization and is also required to review weekly reports with connect group leaders after submission.

If CG meetings re-open tomorrow, how do I know my current members?

Kindly go to the portal and click on my dashboard then click on my members which is on the tool bar by the left.

If a member is in a service unit under faith based and he or she also wants to be in a career and Business hub, how do we manage the registration?

A member can join multiple groups however, we encourage them to be focused on one group per time.

Should cluster captain also "register" as a member in their own unit?

Yes, we continue to discourage leaders getting involved in multiple groups so has to ensure focus and productivity.

Do we keep the current WhatsApp group of our connect groups?

No, kindly close it once everyone has settled in their new small groups.

What about service units? and under what Hub do they fall? What if people in service units have other interests.

Service units still exist to ensure the operation and service preparation part of the church is still ongoing.
- They service unit all come under the Faith Hub.
- Members can attend other groups for specific events, but we encourage that they stay in their unit as their connect groups. That is where bonding between unit members will take place, and other information that are unit-specific will shared in that group.